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Six Life-Saving Properties of Coffee

Researchers have been looking for disadvantages of coffee for decades now. But now things have changed and scientists are finding more and more benefits of coffee. And with more and more types of coffee makers being used, it has never been easier to find the best French Press for you.

The latest study says that coffee might be helpful in preventing multiple sclerosis. The study was presented some time ago at an annual meeting of neurology experts.

The researchers took data from Swedish patients and a few Californian patients. They found that consumption of more than five cups a coffee every day helped reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis by thirty-three percent.

There is no concrete data yet on why this phenomenon occurs, but the researchers think that it has something to do with the way caffeine suppresses inflammation in brain cells.

And that’s not even the only way that coffee helps your brain. Other studies show that coffee helps to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease and also reduces tremors among people who have the disease.

Although caffeine is addictive and can be harmful in very high quantities, the amount of caffeine in coffee is not very high. An average adult should be able to drink a maximum of 5 cups safely.

Coffee also has other benefits:

1. Coffee helps the liver by protecting it from diseases like primary sclerosing cholangitis. Other studies say that coffee might also counteract the negative effects of consuming alcohol.

Other studies show that people who drunk three cups of coffee daily had better functioning livers. They had fewer abnormal enzymes in their livers. But the researchers were quick to point out that coffee was not a magic cure that would automatically reverse any and all effects of alcohol.

2. Coffee reduces the likelihood that drinkers will get diabetes. It does this by increasing a certain hormone in the body. There are very many studies that have been conducted on this, and all of them are consistent with their results. It has also been shown that the lowered risk is not caused by caffeine, but rather by some other nutrients that are rarely consumed except in coffee.

3. A moderate coffee intake might reduce chances of heart failure. Moderation is the important thing here and two cups of coffee were recommended.

4. Coffee might protect against some types of cancers. There is no hard proof yet, but some studies seem to reflect a link between coffee and reduced chances of prostate and liver cancer.

5. Coffee improves your physical condition. Caffeine usually increases endurance, allowing people to exercise much longer and harder, which in turn improves your physical condition. The amount of coffee that you’ll have to take to experience will vary with your weight, so it’s best to do some calculations before exercising.

One nutrition expert recommends that you should divide your weight (in pounds) by two and multiply the result by three. This will give you the ideal dose that will allow you to exercise more effectively.

Most people think that the effects of coffee are caused by the caffeine in it, but this isn’t always the case. Coffee also has other components that are useful to the body.

The coffee bean is, in essence, a plant product, and it has nutrients just like any other plant. Roasting the beans do not expel the nutrients, which is why the beans still help your body even though they are being consumed in liquid form.

Unfortunately, there are also a few negative effects associated with drinking coffee, although none of them are drastic. However, consuming a lot of caffeine during pregnancies might harm the unborn child, so it’s best to abstain from coffee during pregnancy. There is usually an amount that you can drink safely, but it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.



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New Herpes Relief Product: The Herpes Gel

John Paul Dejoria is a very rich person. He is an entrepreneur with an entire empire of businesses. He’s the person behind at least two brands that are each worth over a billion dollars. He’s also a philanthropist, and a lot of his ventures are about helping people. He’s a member of the ‘Giving Pledge’, and he has agreed to give away half of his wealth to charity.


John Paul DeJoria

Even though he has made his money mostly by providing to the luxury market in America, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty in ventures that might not make much sense to others.

  John Paul is one of the partners of Aubio Life Sciences LLC, which is planning to make an over-the-counter gel for sale that will help people suffering from herpes to get some relief. Their first product will be called Aubio and is going to be available very soon. It will be used to fight cold sores.

Later, the company is going to release a treatment for genital herpes and shingles. There will also be other products in the series; the first two will deal with Human Papilloma Virus and an Immune System Booster. Dejoria has taken on this venture because he wants to do something that will make a huge difference to large numbers of people.

The World Health Organization has released new estimates last month. They have revealed that around 400 million people in the world are currently infected by the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2. Genital herpes is caused by this virus. There are high rates of herpes infection all over the world, which makes heroes a global health concern.

Herpes is considered incurable. The only way that medicine can help sufferers of the disease right now is by alleviating the symptoms of the disease. However, there are some promising new studies that might just have discovered a cure for herpes.

The product will sell for $39.95 per tube initially, and everything with the product has been regulated according to the FDA’s guidelines.

Aubio is a word that is meant to reference ‘nature’s gold’. It is derived from the chemical abbreviation of gold “Au”, and the shorthand for nature “bio”. The gel is a very effective product that works on shingles and cold sores. It is an over-the-counter drug and is not regulated by the FDA. Keep in mind that this is not a cure for herpes, just a treatment for its symptoms.

Dejoria got involved with the product when a friend gave him a few tubes of the gel. He forgot about them for some time, but when an acquaintance was suffering from sold sores, he remembered the product. He gave some of it to the person and discovered that the gel worked liked a miracle. He immediately decided to get involved with the company so that he could make it possible for more people to access the product.

The product will only be sold over the Internet and through health care providers at first, although this might change later on.

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A guide to buying land

Most people want to buy land at some point or another in their lives. Some people want to buy a ready house while others want to buy a block of land and build their dream house. Unfortunately, a lot of people just rush to buy land without researching. Make sure you read our guide to buying land before you sign your contract.

house for sale

  1. Check out the neighborhood

This may seem like something obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how many people make one visit to the site and decide to buy the land without learning anything about the neighborhood.

Find out how the people living around you are. Travel around a bit and check for anything that might make noise for you. Make sure that there’s no airstrip near the site.

  1. Soil test

If you’re planning to build on that land, you’ll need to get a professional to do a soil test, preferably before you buy the land. It’s important to know what type of soil is found in the area, since different types of soils will need different specifications during construction.

Sandy soils will cost more to construct on since you’ll need to pay for extra foundations. Rocky soils will also cost more since you’ll need to pay to clear them.

  1. Get professional advice

Get an architect to look at the block of land. If you’ve already told him what kind of a house you want to build, he’ll be able to tell you whether the block is suitable for it.

It’s also wise to consult with an attorney before signing a contract. An attorney will be able to decipher legal jargon, and you’ll at least be completely sure that you’re not going to find any nasty surprises waiting for you.

  1. Do your research

Visit the local council and check for any special considerations on the lands. Find out whether there are any major pipes (sewerage or water) running under your block, as this might make construction difficult.

Check how far away you’ll have to go to get access to services like transport or entertainment. While you’re at it, also double-check whether utilities are available for the area where you want to buy the block. This shouldn’t be such a big problem in an urban area, but if you’re building far from an urban center, you would be wise to check that.

Also make sure that the neighborhood suits your lifestyle. If you like swimming, check whether there are any swimming facilities nearby.

Check online so you can find a greater variety of land. Look for a reputable and established company like Land Century. You can see what they are selling now at

Above all, be smart. Don’t rush into any decision; take time to think things through. If you just do that, you’ll be fine.

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The creepiest adaptations of the King Arthur story

King Arthur’s story is one of the most famous and iconic stories in the world. And as we all know, every famous story in the world must get adapted into versions that are totally bizarre. The story of King Arthur is basically a story that can fit into any time, and sometimes it needs to be tweaked a bit to fit into the modern world. But sometimes, those tweaks come in the form of mind-blowing insanity, like in the shows below.

Fate/ Stay Night

fate stay night

The Fate/ Stay Night anime is an anime that is beloved in Japan and takes a lot of Western characters and changes them in its own surreal way.

The story is about a ‘war’ that happens after sixty years. Seven ‘Masters’ are chosen to fight for the Holy Grails, and the ‘Masters’ have to summon ‘Servants’, who are heroes and heroines out of legend, to help them fight for the Grail. The ‘Servants’ help the ‘Masters’ because they also get a wish fulfilled by the Grail if they win it.

The main character, a boy called Shirou, summons a ‘Servant’ from the class ‘Saber’, who turns out to be Arturia Pendragon.

According to the backstory, King Arthur was born a girl. She was able to rule as a man with the help of Merlin.

Arturia is a powerful fighter and defeats more than one of the other ‘Servants’, but is also shown in a more feminine way. She is shown going on dates with Shirou, getting out of a shower and once the characters even have sex!

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice

king arthur and the knights of justice

This may be an American creation, but it is no less bizarre than Fate/ Stay Night.

In this series, King Arthur and the Knight of the Round Table are trapped in a glass cave by Morgana. Merlin sets out to look for replacements, and the best he can find to replace them is a team of football players!

Merlin finds a football team called the Knights which is led by Arthur King, and convinces them to help him in his quest to free the legendary king. He assures them that he will send them back to the present after the king and his knights are freed.

The show has many disturbing implications. The football players actually masquerade as the real knights, and nobody at all even realizes that they have changed! Even Queen Guinevere still thinks that the football player is her husband! She does wonder why he seems to have changed his personality, yet treats him like she her husband.

Even the other side characters don’t realize that the knights are different. Considering that magic is prevalent in that world, you would expect at least a few of the characters to be suspicious of the knights, especially since they know nothing at all about the world that they have been dropped into!


These are the creepiest versions of King Arthur I have ever seen. A badass girl who is also a sex object and a guy who … I can’t even describe that second one!

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New Minecraft Guide Book Coming Soon

minecraft xbox edition

The Minecraft for dummies guidebook is going to be released any time now. While the ‘for dummies’ series is known for being used to prepare for competitive exam, this guidebook is about fun.

The game became wildly popular, and by now has been released on almost all available platforms. While it was created as an indie title by Mojang, it has reached unimaginable heights today. The game was bought by Microsoft, and it makes a good contribution to the company’s revenue.

This small title makes more than half of the revenue that Microsoft gets. It’s available for the PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3, and even on the Android platform.

Despite its popularity, many new players are put off the game because it’s a bit hard to understand for beginners. The game is an action games but it has elements of survival and role-playing in it. New players are often confused by the befuddling gameplay mechanics, and such players can greatly benefit from the guidebook. After the book launches, it’s quite possible that it will get new players numbering in the millions. The book could be a great boost for Minecraft, and by extension Microsoft.

The guidebook was written by Jacob Cordeiro and the father-son team of Jesse and Thomas. The book will explain a lot of the major concepts of the game, and amateurs and professionals alike will be able to read it. It won’t be confusing to avoid losing the newcomers.

The guidebook will also have different sections detailing how to play the game on different consoles. There will be sections where you can learn how to play it on the PS3, or even on Android. Readers will learn things that were only restricted to experienced players previously. There will also be a whole section detailing tips and strategies for veterans of the game, which will ensure that there will be a whole demographic prepared to buy the book.

The guidebook will be published in print and also as an eBook. Prices will start from $15, but there will e price variations according to location. The book is expected to be out by the end of February.

If you are wondering whether to buy Minecraft but aren’t sure, you would be well advised to look for a trial online. There are sites on the Internet where you can try Minecraft for free.

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How to become a Better Artist

Although there is no universal guide to becoming an awesome writer, there are some common steps that any aspiring writer should follow to become better at his/her craft.

  1. Draw a lot.

Draw as much as you can. This is one of the most important things that an inexperienced writer should do. The 10,000 hour theory says that if you do anything for ten thousand hours, you’ll become an expert at it.

art book

So draw as much as possible, the more you draw, the better you’ll become at it. Some artists recommend that you feel at least one whole sketchbook in a month, and that is not bad advice. Especially if you get a job where you can draw, you’ll be improving your skills and earning money as well!

  1. Go slow, but never stop.

Whenever you’re learning something new, be patient. It may be a cliché, but patience really does pay. Art is like anything else you can learn, start slowly, and once you get the hang of it, you can speed up. Especially if you are drawing shapes, it’s best to draw them bit by bit until you’ve got exactly what you wanted.

  1. Learn from the best.

It’s always best to aim to learn new things, and what better place to do this than from the best? Most of the great artists are on the Web, and a lot of them are generous and will be quite willing to give you pointers if you ask. A lot of them also have blogs and you’ll be able to learn a lot from them. Also, it’s great practice to copy the work of masters. You can download their works and practice replicating them exactly. That should really improve your skill, because replicating art is extremely hard, you really have to think hard to choose your method.

  1. Become a perfectionist.

bird art

If you’re working on a hard piece (and you should be) keep making small changes until you have it perfectly right. Remember that you probably won’t get it right on the first try, and don’t let yourself get frustrated. Set a base line for your work, and set that line as high as you can. However, don’t go too far with this. If you’ve tried for a really long time, screw it! Maybe that’s not your thing. Start on something else.

  1. Study the fundamentals.

Unless you’re an art savant, you’ll have to learn about art. Many people assume that art is just taking a pencil and starting to draw, but that’s not the case. Read books about the minutiae of art. Try to learn as much as possible wherever you can. If you want to draw animals, visit a zoo. If you want to draw houses, take a look around for different types of architecture. Look for books about construction, color theory, rendering, anatomy and perspective. If you can’t find such books, Youtube has millions of videos that can help you with art.

  1. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

In art, as in life, there is no end until you die. There is always something new to do, some new challenge to face, some new goal to accomplish. Keep challenging yourself and you’ll quickly realize how awesome it feels when you overcome a challenge.


Art is the base on which anime rests. Without art, there is no anime. To go look at some fine works of artists that have been turned into movies and series for us to watch, head over to MyAnime and enjoy. But don’t only enjoy yourself; try to learn from the art of those masters.

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Herpes Services offered by the Herpes Resource Center

The Herpes Resource Center: concentrates on increasing edification, public consciousness, and support to any person worried about herpes. Since its inception in the year 1979, the Herpes Resource Center has assisted numerous people in assisting them in curing  Herpes. It offers,

·         Precise and modern details about herpes
·         Resource for recommendations such as home support groups
·         Voice to enhance public consciousness about herpes problems in the course of the media
·         Support for dependable national policies for treatment and avoidance of the sexual transmitted disease.

Herpes cure

Several patients newly identified with genital herpes require immediate edification and therapy of the disease. They are as well in need of recommendations and sources for extra information and prop up. Although this can be a time-consuming process for healthcare supplier, and tolerant can be left with excessively several unanswered questions.
To address the requirements of both patients and healthcare suppliers, the American Sexual Health Association lately urbanized a one-page sheet of recurrently asked queries with particulars on a few of the most general questions newly-diagnosed patients contain and experimented it with healthcare suppliers and patients. The experiment revealed that the recurrently asked queries were helpful in making the topics simpler, offering prompts for suppliers and sources for patients.
Facts about herpes
Herpes is a general and typically gentle recurring skin disorder caused by a germ called the herpes simplex virus. This virus belongs to a virus family known as Herpes viruses. This family unit contains,
·         Varicella zoster virus that can cause shingles and chicken pox
·         Epstein-Barr virus that can cause mono
Even though there are numerous viruses in the family of Herpes virus, each virus is a separate germ and diverse. Possessing one virus does not indicate you will have one more virus. There are two kinds of herpes simplex viruses such as,
·         Type-1 herpes simplex virus
·         Type-2 herpes simplex virus
Most oral herpes are produced by Type-1 herpes simplex virus and the most genital herpes cases are caused by Type-2 herpes simplex virus, however,   HSV type-1 or HSV type-2 can take place in either the oral or genital area.
Natural treatments to cure herpes
Mostly your doctor will not tell you about the natural ways of treating the herpes, which can assist shorten a herpes outbreak or prevent a herpes break occurrence. They are in the trade of making cash, irrespective of what it means to you as a tolerant.
Several herbal home remedies are available to assist put off and take care of a herpes outbreak. These natural Herpes cures are not only more cost efficient than recommendation medicines, but they are frequently more effective, if not more so than the medicines from the physician. Minor adjustments in the way of life, such as keeping away from synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame and intimately checking your blood pressure levels can as well reduce the probability of a herpes outbreak. If you are under great pressure, do yoga and meditation to keep yourself cool to put off manifestation. If you recognize you take the virus, but have not contained a herpes outbreak, you can as well make use of herbs to put off the herpes outbreak.

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Top of the line proofreading tips for majestic papers


If you did your first correction, pause. Now, ready to proceed with top-notch proofreading tips? This will allow you to return to your text with “fresh eyes” and prepared to detect any errors you could possibly have ignored.

If you know someone trustworthy and that you consider a “good reader”, ask them to read your writing. It is a good way to check that your message is understood and will be received clearly.

Print, print, print!

You may not have a printer and be a nuisance to have to kick up the printing house or the nearest stationery. You may even do not like the idea to spend money on printing, but having your printed manuscript can help you improve a 4 or 5% in the final result. If you want to tackle your work with the “distant” perspective, you need to simulate the situation of being the foreign reader (and do not want to provoke amnesia).

The red pen

You’ve written, you’ve printed, now, read once from top to bottom. Once done, take the red pen and begin to cross out, mercilessly. If you’ve written your first draft by hand, pass it to your computer and print.

Take a breather

If you are very close to the deadline, this step is not for you, just skip it. But if you still have time, maybe to put emotional distance with what you’ve written, you let it cool. When you start back, get another perspective and it will be easier to find faults and bad words, phrases or poorly structured sentences. Ideally, leave about 24 hours, but if you do not have much time, you simply take a walk to the bathroom and get yourself a coffee. Come back will be easier to be brutal with your edit.

Read aloud

Good writing sounds smooth, like when you talk. For this reason, listening to your sentence structures aloud is the best way to discover bugs and strange sentences. Read your work aloud, changes everything meaningless or uncomfortable to the reader. Do not be afraid to use slang, this is how we humans speak.

Put yourself in your audience

Now that you’ve read and reread your work, get to do a little role play. Reread your manuscript, from beginning to end, but this time, do it as if you were your boss (or your editor or your teacher …) Do you get bored before the second page? Or is it so fluid that you thought about giving you a promotion? What is what catches your attention?

Enough said, follow the above proofreading tips, take notes, make changes and advances to the next step.

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Gay Love spells

In this 21st century, there is a heated debate in many nations whether to accept the fact that gay and lesbian people are there and that they should have equal right just like the straight people but again, religion plays a major role in shunning away if such suggestions are made. Those religions that believe and follow the path of Christ have never welcomed the fact that gay and lesbian people should exist. They condemn homosexuality and lesbianism and associate them with the evil spirits. The combination of religion and the government of different countries have passed tough penalties to these people in that they live in fear.

There is this believe and of which has been written in holy books that God told human being to go out and multiply. But what if there would be mankind and there is no God, would people continue to exist without believing in someone? Or would they appoint someone whom they would have worshipped and followed what he/she said? There are many religions that are in existence and the politics that surrounds religions cannot be traced when they actually started. The explanation that you can get is that, politics in the church started in the beginning of time but despite scientist spending time doing research on this; there is one who has been able to distinguish the exact time that politics in religions started.

Homosexuality and lesbianism has been existence since ancient time. We do read that during the Sodom and Gomora era, homosexuality was rampart and that is why their reign was destroyed. Despite all that, even in modern days, powerful men and women there are those who are gays and lesbians. The bear truth is that the world is made up of diverse groups. Masculine, slender, rich, poor, gays, lesbians, heterosexuals are only that you can go on asking everyone his/her sexual orientation. There are spirits in us that normally grow as we mature. There are those that become premature and we learn lessons as we grow. Some spirits resurface when someone is mature and that where you see a stylish person.


These spirits are the ones that make decisions on ones soul and they are totally different from the ones that we make decisions in our daily lives. The way you and me look at the subject of homosexuality and lesbianism is totally different. The two subjects (homosexual and lesbian) are lessons to be learned rather than a mistake. Therefore I believe those who are gays and lesbians are not be scolded because is not a choice that they are. Though I’m not advocating for gays and lesbians but what if you would be one? Gays and lesbians didn’t choose to be the way they are especially in a world where they feel freak where they are treated differently, isolated or even punished. Hey, I’m not speaking for them but I’m only expressing my mind towards this subject. I’m sure if you ask some of these gays and lesbians, majority will tell you is not their choice or will that they are gays or lesbians. They are unable to explain how they became one. There are those who are even looking for ways how they can become straight. This raises the question, if you were to choose your sexual orientation, which one would you have chosen?

There is no doubt some will say straight other will say gay/lesbians. Why varied others? Because someone will want to live a life that he/she is comfortable with. What if God would say go to the world and say without giving a command of multiplying? Or would he/she not have created a human being with feelings? (I’m just thinking loud). The reason why gays are gays and lesbians are lesbians is because they embrace their spirits. For instance if you can take a true Christian/believer and a real witch and put them in the same room, will they fight? I bet to differ if at all they will fight but instead everyone will mind his/her faith because they are comfortable with their belief systems. This should be reflected in the modern society where gay, lesbians and straight people are freely to each other. Even if you are a gay and you sleep in the same bed with a straight man and you do nothing, that does not mean the straight man is gay. Is only that each one is comfortable with their spirits. People should be free to each other and embrace love to each other (not sex for that matter). This is what religious leaders should be doing but instead even themselves have their own agendas which is different from what the script says. They have nothing to do with leading the so called flock to heaven but they are after padding their bank accounts.

Politics exist in modern days even in Witch oriented groups. Some of these beliefs have been inherited from generation to generation. If you can take your own time and question your own faith and belief system, and compare with the teachings, you will be able to find your own path. I’m very sure you will find the beauty in faith which will praise you whom you are and not something to do with your sexual orientation. A witch will never be afraid to say who they are and they work with all the energy and they know what to embrace in life. This is the same way gays and lesbians are supposed to behave. They are supposed to work hard just like a Witch and they should not be afraid of whom they are. People will always respect those individuals who have shown worth and dedication to their craft. A Witch when performing his/her duties doesn’t matter you are gay or not but instead they are after doing what they are okay with. Therefore we should not be looking at each other as straight gay or lesbians.

One thing that gays and lesbians have to practice is self-love. Because of discrimination, isolation and all sorts of things that are done to diminish these people, there is no one that is going to welcome you and thus if you love yourself, you will be happy. The GLBT are the minority people in the society just because of their sexual orientation. But if you clearly understand who you are, there is no way you are going to allow individuals who are motivated by fear to confuse your mind. If you fear what you do, then you don’t understand who you are or whatever you might be doing is way beyond your comprehension. This is where you find school boys who are discovering their manhood or their sexual orientation will hide and go to gay bashing or even hide at night because they fear the wrath they will encounter in case it is known that they are gays.

It is high time for GLBT community to come up with strategies that will define what they want and what they don’t want. They have to go for that which they want and they should not allow fear or they should not succumb to defeat. You should not also have this stereotype that you will not have a relationship because of your sexual orientation. It is high time we have to unite all of us and respect each other. There is no reason why you should suffer because of whom you are or whom you love. This is the time when some decide to cast love spells. GBLT are just normal people only differentiated with their sexual orientation. And what if ¾ of the population around the globe would fall in GBLT category? Would they undermine the straight people? And if so, what would be their reaction? Lets embrace each other and make the world a better place to live.

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3D Printing is Now Available to All

How great would it be if you could afford to get the 3 D printed things which are trending these days? Take a look at this chair. It would instantly rev up a dull looking living room!

3D chair










How about this dress? It can get you ready for a fancy party in 2 minutes!

3D dress

The works of Michael Schmidt and Francis Bintoni inspired by 3D designs have impressed us all. What they do is combine creativity with Photoshop software and we get to ogle at the amazing end results.

Earlier also engineers and architects have used CAD tools like AutoDesk, ZBrush, Rhino, etc. to generate interesting 3D designs. Then they have used those prints to create exotic artifacts. But these tools never became popular with common people due to their complexity. Now 3 D designing falls under the scope of Photoshop software and it is very easy to obtain good quality prints of the designs. People can see their imaginations come to life using basic software and good equipments.

If you wondering about where to get the industry quality prints from please visit the following link:

Printing Services Singapore

Print That Now!

The best part about this company is that they had started as a designing company so you can trust them to not mess up your work. Doesn’t that seem like a dream? You can be now your own 3D designer and you can own the customized products for a reasonable price.

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